the reason why we have poor people. all they do is act\sing\get naked\some other thing that we don’t need and they get millions of dollars for. 90% of america’s wealth belongs to 1% of the population. if these people weren’t so spoiled and gave some money to the poor, we might not have as many b-ms and hobos and families on the streets.
celebrities are worthless.
simply put…absof-ckinlutley useless in everyway shape or form. they do nothing for the economy except spend our hard earned money. we could definitley do better without them around
normal person: “sir can you help me i’ve been shot in the stomach by a rapper, and i’m beleeding to death.”
celebrity: “and what…get my armani dirty…dude wipe up your blood and get away from my bentley before i call the police and have you arrested for article 108.376-any attempt to get any celebrity to do anything productive shall be punished by death”
a lucky slacker multi-millionaire. rarely has more talent than you or me
the least useful type of job there is available for anyone to do, they make money 10x the amount of money in a day any average person can make in his life and contribute nothing to humanity other than giving people entertainment that cost more than the minimum wage for one hour

there are some celebrities that are actually good like people who save someone or develop theroies, medicine and technology to help the rest of humanity
people who get money for their look should really work in a steel mill for 2 years
they are full of self-delusion, hypocrisy and attention seeking drug habits. they are spoiled drama queens and usually have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about because they’re under-educated. they drive cars that cost enough to feed a small country. they provide nothing practical to society and pack-rat millions of dollars all the while claiming to be enlightened humanitarians and giving away a few thousand dollars to charity which they could just as well wipe their -ss with.
celebrities suck. yeah.

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