chat rage

chat rage is a rare but dangerous display of anger exhibited by a chat room dope who has been pushed to the end of his chat rope. it usually manifests itself by way of an escalating show of perturbment. for example the subject may begin to exhibit uncontrolled typos, usually followed my capitalization of his/her rant. the chat rage reaches its pinnacle when the loser and or loner begins verbally abusing their chat nemesis with strings of profanity and spit flying from their mouth and splashing across the monitor or flat screen display. the furniture of unsuspecting parents or rooming house owners frequently comes under attack by a person in full on chat rage.
sitonmyshamok9: dude, did you see the way fussy toyed with that loser in the room?

fatoomsch: yeah man, he must be flipping out with chat rage over that one.

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