Chick Lit

shortened from chick literature; the book version of a chick flick; a girly book
guy 1: dude, you can’t read the notebook in public!
guy 2: why not?
guy 1: it’s chick-lit!

other examples: twilight, eat pray love, any book with fabio on the cover, anything written by nicolas sparks
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slang for a genre of literature geared towards female readers , which deal with modern issues in womens lives.
the novel, bridget jones diary is a form of chick lit
books written by bad female writers, aimed towards stupid female readers. usually marketed in pink jackets adorned with semi-retro pictures of high heeled shoes and martini gl-sses.
always about trendy twentysomething b-tches whining about their jobs or relationships.
comes from the words chick and literature
the girl, not having read much, found that chick lit offered the mindless entertainment she had come to find from shows such as “s-x and the city”.

many girls relate to chick lit because they are just as shallow as the characters in the books.
books that are normally written by and for young women that are usually humorous.
i love confessions of a shopaholic. i can relate so much.
chick – female
lit – literature

similar to a chickflick in that it usually attracts a female audience. a chicklit is a story that is usually posted online by a budding (usually female) author on sites such as fictionpress. they are usually romantic, dramatic, and funny. however, chicklit also refers to a book with a similar romantic-comedy theme. no matter how cliche, a good chicklit can be very addicting.
t -omigoodness did you read that chicklit about the girl who’s torn between the jock, the emo bad boy, and her bff!?

m -no, but you should totally read this other chicklit that’s about this girl who is totally in love with this boy who doesn’t know she exists!
books usually meant for women; books that are good for discussion.
guy: hey, what’s this?
girl: nothing, just my chicklit book.

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