the ratchet girl from the hunger games who had no heart or soul and was outstanding at using a knife
clove killed that trick
a type of cigarette made with tobacco and the spice cloves, that makes you feel a little bit high. one clove cigarette is the equivalent of three tobacco cigarettes.
let’s go smoke some cloves, it’ll put us in the mood for a joint.

a viral strand of an std resulting in a severe rash, warts or open sore most common after a s-xual encounter with courtney love. statistics show by 2015 more than 63% of the state of california will be infected by the c-love virus. side affects may include raspy ciggarette voice, attention deprived antics, and delusions of stardom.
condoms may protect against aids, pregnancy and many other std’s but c-love burns through rubber.
a type of cigarette or cigar made with clove spices. smells very similar to potpourri.
this clove cigarette tastes like christmas.
an evergreen tree (syzygium aromatic-m) native to the moluccas and widely cultivated in warm regions for its aromatic dried flower buds.
a flower bud of this plant, used whole or ground as a spice. often used in the plural
my clove incense comes from an evergreen tree.
a word used by irish bostonians meaning good, great, grand, or wonderful
that movie was clove
internet mainly, short for courtney love
have you heard clove’s new alb-m yet?

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