a c-cky att-tude; an att-tude that drips with c-ckyness; having or exuding a certain confidence. (-ssuredness, c-ckyness)
that guy at the bar needs to stop with the c-ckedness, he’s makes me want to yell.

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  • Cockenspiel

    when you beat a person on their head with your p-n-s. this is a non gender-specific term. feel free to play the c-ckenspiel on anyone from all three s-xes. (pap pap pap) – dude, i just gave you the “c-ckenspiel”!!! (pap pap pap) – hey b-tch, you just got the “c-ckenspiel”!!! (pap pap pap) – […]

  • Cock Murphy

    1. c-ck rubbing. either intended to jerk off the owner of such a c-ck or to send them into a frenzy of s-xuality where they hump the first object they can find until they have satisfied their c-ck. 2. a very hard hit. someone just gets laid out like none other. 1. sydney was rubbing […]

  • Cockpumper

    man who regularly vacuum pumps his p-n-s, enlarging it for display or pleasure. he was so thick, he must have been a c-ckpumper – aieeya! he’s either horse-hung or a c-ckpumper. one who pumps a c-ck much like when your jacking up a car to try and break off the huge black 12 inch c-ck […]

  • Cockroach-Killers

    the extremely pointy shoes worn by puerto ricans and russians that are used to crush c-ckroaches when then run into a corner; a round toe wont reach far enough into the corners apex to cause a lethal blow to the aforementioned roach. oscar had a roach in a mexican standoff in the corner of his […]

  • Cocktacular Bitchwagon

    a f-cking idiot driving a car that doesn’t understand how to drive. changes lanes without signaling and then honks when you become angry. also is filled with white trash people. wow, f-cking c-cktacular b-tchwagon just cut me off. lets follow them and slash the tires. deal.

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