having no emotions,
he laughed at the crippled man who fell down, that’s cold.
v. used to describe something awesome or nice ; something worthy of hatin
that’s a cold -ss jacket
better than cool
to be cooler than cool
the coolest level of cool
jenny: i’m so cold, i’m rocking this jacket.
john: nah, it’s a nice jacket, but it ain’t cold.
an annoying and contagious illness that causes sniffling, sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms
mike couldn’t come to the party because he was sick in bed with a cold.
what a girl says she is when she wants to snuggle :]
girl: i’m cold..
boy: here, i’ll give you my jacket
plain, obviously, flat out, straight up
“yo, i walked up to that guy and cold puched him in the face.”

“…with microphone in hand i cold took command.” – run-dmc
harsh, mean, icy
“that beatch or urs is a dirty sket”,
“dnt say that thats cold”

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