colt anaconda

a large frame double-action revolver] featuring a full length under-barrel ejection-rod lug and six round cylinder, designed and produced by the colt’s manufacturing company. chambered for the powerful .44 magnum] and .45 colt center fire ammunition cartridges, the anaconda marked the hartford, connecticut firm’s first foray into the popular large-boremagnum] pistol]market.introduced in 1990
handsome guy:(walking at the street)
gay]:hey handsome want me to blow your piece?
handsome guy:sure i hope you get the”exploding result”
(the gay doesn’t know about the c-cked colt anaconda and he thinks it’s his c-ck)
gay:oh my your rod is huge (then he opened the zipper and)
handsome guy]:bye -ss face(the gun is inside the gays mouth and he pulled the trigger)here is your exploding result

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