cookies n cream

its when you f-ck a girl on a toilet and you both sh-t simultaneously into the toilet, her sh-t goes between your legs (and possibly on you, its the risk you have to take), then when your all finished you flush the toilet with your d-ck, if you dont do that…it dosnt count.

theres also a hand signal, you b-mp your right fist on top of your left fist then your left on top of your right and then point to the direction of the bathroom with your thumbs. its so you can ask a girl in a crowd without being explicit.
i cookies n creamed her in the baseball field bathroom.
the act of blasting on a girls’ face (after -n-l) and giving her a c-m mustache, and then immediately smearing your p–pd-ck across said mustache. afterwards, you immediately say: “there’s sh-t everywhere!” … or else it doesn’t count.
after messy -n-l s-x, jason gave carol a cookies n cream.
descibes a woman’s att-tude toward s-x and her ablility to produce copious amounts of natural lubricant to facilitate same. a woman who likes a lot of s-x, offers her cookie and who’s natural juices, cream, flow easily.
i was out with a hot babe last night and she was all cookies ‘n cream.
you f-ck a female up the -ss with a giant d-ld-. the -ss is spread so as to create a crater like formation. this allows for the male to squirt his stuff, thus creating a pool of s-m-n in the female’s -n-s. the surrounding fecal matter of the -sshole breaks off into the -j-c-l-t- goo, thus creating p–p floaties.
dude, did you hear? i gave tony’s mom some cookies n cream last night!
this happens when a man’s hips are hovering over a womens chest and hes procedes to -rg-sm across her face. he -rg-sms so hard that he losses all control of his rectal musles and proceeds to deposit a loaf on said womens chest.
i told you we should not have ate mexican last night. i ended up giving this chick a cookies n cream.
when you shart and j-zz at the same time and it mixes in your underwear.
“i ate some bad chinese food last night before jerkin it and i cookies n’ cream-ed”

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