Courtsiding is a term used in relation to tennis, which is where this method of gambling began, though it can actually be used to explain the method across a number of other sports.

It is a way to gain an advantage over the bookmakers by being at the event in question and seeing everything that happens before anyone else. This is what gives you the advantage, and when you bet accordingly, you can win money.

Definition of Courtsiding

As mentioned, the name courtsiding comes from being sat at the side of a tennis court, which is the sport that started this type of gambling off. However, if you are watching something not played on a court such as football, the term courtsiding is still used.

The definition of courtsiding is to position yourself at the side of a game so you can place live bets on the action and profit because you are seeing what happens before anyone else. You can see who has won a point in the game before the bookmakers update their odds to reflect what is happening.

Technically, you are not doing anything wrong by courtsiding, although if you are found to be doing it then you will certainly be punished by your bookmaker. They do this by closing your betting account with them, so if you intend to start courtsiding, you will need a lot of betting account and in the future you will need to keep creating more.

How Courtsiding is Used

Live betting is becoming big with bookmakers, and they can offer live odds because they receive a news feed or a live stream of the game so they can see what is happening. However, sometimes depending on the event and location, the pictures can be slightly delayed by a couple of seconds.

This doesn’t make any difference to the bookmakers and those who are using new betting sites for tennis, because they see the game at the same time. However, those who are not relying on the pictures, such as those in the stands, can see things before anyone else.

If you are placing a bet then you need to be quick, but it is possible to see the action and then quickly place a bet before the bookmaker sees what has happened and changes their odds or suspends the market.

Often the best approach here is to have a bet lined up to place and then confirm it when you see the point go the right way, rather than trying to make a selection and get it on in time after watching.

An event such as Wimbledon, with worldwide coverage, is harder for courtsiders because the bookmakers are on top of everything. There is often a second, sometimes even less, so not enough time for people to place wagers before everyone else sees what is happening.

The best events for those who are looking to take part in courtsiding are the smaller ones. These are more likely to have lower quality coverage and a bigger gap between what is happening in real life and what the pictures are showing.



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