a term that has several meanings and can be subst-tued in for and noun
colin is such a cracknuck
a funny -ss word that i use
colin is a cracknuck

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  • Two-Egg Breakfast

    when the female (or male if that’s your deal)is sleeping, you carefully crouch over their face. simply lower your b-lls on to ( or into) their sleeping mouth. when they wake up, you shout, “breakfast” my girlfriend was snoring, so i gave her the old two-egg breakfast. german knuckle cake superman snot totties

  • MunyShare

    a free online tool to upload images and share text over the internet. say you have something you want to show someone, all you do is press the printscreen key, and select the area you want to capture. munyshare

  • two finger la-la

    the act of inserting two fingers into a woman’s v-g-n-, curving them upward behind the cl-toris until the orange peel is found, then m-ssaging the orange peel while simultaneously stimulating the woman’s cl-toris with the tongue as if you were saying “la-la” over and over. whoa man, cdx totally gave the psycho chick the two […]

  • pre-gay bio-child

    a child that a gay person had with a member of the opposite s-x before realizing that he or she was gay. “melanie took her daughter blossom to the park this morning.” “melanie and candace adopted a child?” “no, blossom is a pre-gay bio-child from melanie’s marriage to mark a few years ago.”

  • Cray as a Crayfish

    the equivalent of “as crazy as a crayfish” -bro, did you hear about that party we missed? -yeah! i heard it was as cray as a crayfish!

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