1. jealousy bug
2. crabs + fleas
1. man, she got the creebs!
2. can hermits get creebs?
an expression used to show how tight something is. usually used in the context of “in the gr-ss”. it shows to a very high extent of how pimpin it is.
yo, thats like a creeb in the gr-ss man.

shiest, that ride is like a creeb nukka.
binge eating so much that all of the food weight goes straight to your b–bs.
you wanna creeb it later?
he used to creeb alot, but not anymore.
a girl who creeps around and is silly and gets drunk erry day…. has h-lla good style and is freinds with the biggest simps of all time. all around likes to have a good time… with her besties…
look at that girl she is creebing so hard right now
creeb means to walk.
to go on a creeb, meaning to go for a walk.
being on a walk, you would be a creeber.
to walk to a set destination would make you a destinational creeber.

the word originates from ripley, derbyshire, england.
see piosh
see a piosh

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