Cunt roll

another term for toilet paper / tissue.
darling, i think we’re out of c-nt roll. can you please remind me to get some while we are at the supermarket? i think we should buy the eight pack this time.
the act of controlling your ho.
guy: and she took me shopping all day even though we’d gotten her sister an engagement present already.

cooler guy: dude, don’t take that sh-t, use that c-ntroll.
a s-xual position in which the man places the female’s right leg over his left shoulder and his left leg over her right shoulder. he then gyrates his hips in a circular, helicopter like motion, rolling the female’s p-ssy and pelvic bone.
“that is one flexy man. he can do the c-nt roll.”
when your ex-wife/girlfriend won’t move on and becomes pathetic, bitter and vengeful, to the point where she rallies other c-nts on the interweb. acting like trolls they attempt to destroy any kind of relationship by searching for you on the internet, social networking sites, online photo alb-ms, and videogame characters. once they find you they flame you, your friends, and family in an attempt to discredit your character in hopes to make your life as miserable and pathetic as theirs has become.
even after she agreed to put our differences aside my ex attempted to c-ntroll me in court by providing printouts of my friends, family and my online photo alb-m. i lold.

i don’t know why my ex and her trolls still visits my friend’s, family, and my mysp-ce page, i guess they still want to c-ntroll me.

while playing a wow the other night my gf got a tell from an old online buddy to contact him. when she asked him how he got her name, he said from my ex and her online friends. i guess they c-ntroll my life in videogames and add my gf and my characters to their friends list.
see m-ffintop

the flap of fat that usually is seen on older women that hangs over the pelvis.

not the same as a m-ffintop

its more easily seen in jeans.

usually tucked in.
“dude, did you see mrs. bicmore during lunch today?”

“oh yea man she had a huge c-ntroll, i almost threw up.”

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