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Air rifle

an air gun with rifled bore.
Contemporary Examples

In an Ohio Wal-Mart, John Crawford III was strolling around the store and had picked up an air rifle that was for sale there.
When Police Violence Gets Personal Gene Robinson October 4, 2014

Historical Examples

The clown was dressed in equatorial hunting garb and carried an air rifle.
The Crimson Flash Roy J. Snell

Somebody fired the balloons with arrows shot from an air rifle.
The Crimson Flash Roy J. Snell

Many a boy thinks that just because a bird is alive and moves it is a proper target for his air rifle or his sling shot.
Boy Scouts Handbook Boy Scouts of America

Thereupon the other four, Harry carrying the air rifle, started off into the woods, jogging along over the solid crust.
The Grammar School Boys Snowbound H. Irving Hancock

I didn’t mean to touch the revolver, but Bert forgot his air rifle, and the boys were waiting to have a shooting match.
Much Ado About Peter Jean Webster

Tom continued to carry the air rifle, though plainly the weapon was all for show.
The Grammar School Boys Snowbound H. Irving Hancock

“Don’t get up, Mr. Fits,” warned Dick, still gripping the air rifle.
The Grammar School Boys Snowbound H. Irving Hancock

Sprung from the loins of generations of hunters, the love of a gun was in his blood, and this air rifle was his first love.
Frank of Freedom Hill Samuel A. Derieux

But there was an air rifle standing in the corner, and I knew I could get it if I needed it.
The Grammar School Boys Snowbound H. Irving Hancock

a rifle discharged by compressed air


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