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Amp up

(def 2).
to excite or energize (usually followed by up):
We were so amped up for the game that we forgot to eat.
Contemporary Examples

The retail industry knows that to survive, it needs to amp up the experience and add entertainment.
Lousy Marketing—Not Lousy Cars—Killed Detroit Adam Hanft November 23, 2008

To amp up heart rate in the weight room, incorporate total-body movements with limited rest in between sets.
Five Smarter Ways to Train Your Heart DailyBurn December 8, 2013

There is probably even pressure on the True Blood showrunners to amp up the nudity.
‘True Blood’ Premiere: Is Sex the Only Reason We’re Still Watching? Kevin Fallon June 13, 2013

verb (transitive, adverb) (informal)
to increase
to increase the power or force of (something)
to excite, arouse, or work up (a person, emotions, etc)
an ampere
(informal) an amplifier
(Austral, informal) to excite or become excited
adenosine monophosphate
Australian Mutual Provident Society

1886 as an abbreviation of ampere; 1967 as an abbreviation of amplifier.

AMP (ā’em-pē’)
Adenosine monophosphate; a mononucleotide found in animal cells and reversibly convertible to ADP and ATP. Also called adenine nucleotide, adenylic acid.
Short for adenosine monophosphate. An organic compound that is composed of adenosine and one phosphate group. It is one of the nucleotides present in DNA and RNA, and is also the fundamental component of ATP and ADP. During certain cellular metabolic processes, AMP forms from ADP when the latter loses a phosphate group, and AMP forms ADP by acquiring a phosphate group. Chemical formula: C10H14N5O7P.
amp (ampere) [(am-peer)]

A unit of electric current. One ampere corresponds to a certain number of electrons passing a fixed point each second.

Note: A typical household’s electrical supply includes a total of 120 to 200 amps; a typical house circuit carries 15 to 50 amps.


An ampere, the electrical unit of measurement
An audio amplifier, esp one used for electronic musical instruments
An ampoule of a narcotic

adenosine monophosphate
Association for Molecular Pathology


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