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a person or thing that or enlarges.
an electronic component or circuit for power, current, or voltage.
Contemporary Examples

He mounted a Trace Elliot amplifier on the back of the truck.
Greil Marcus Talks About Trying to Unlock Rock and Roll in 10 Songs Allen Barra November 16, 2014

So just like any other amplifier, we wanted to simply just connect people and let them know their choices.
21-Year-Old Millionaire Buys His Way to Political Influence Matthew DeLuca October 2, 2012

Historical Examples

But it will take another letter to tell you of the proper precautions in using an audion as an amplifier.
Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son John Mills

Rather, it acts as its own amplifier, once having received the thought.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930 Various

Despite the fact that the voice was coming through an amplifier, there was no distortion.
Twelve Times Zero Howard Carleton Browne

In fact, by increasing plate and grid voltages in the amplifier, I can pretty nearly burn out a man’s brain.
Skylark Three Edward Elmer Smith

Don’t use condensers with paper dielectrics for an amplifier receiving set or it will be noisy.
The Radio Amateur’s Hand Book A. Frederick Collins

The human mind does not need an amplifier, as the radio receiving set does.
Astounding Stories of Super-Science, November, 1930 Various

The next step is to use the audion as an amplifier of the radio-signal before its detection.
Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son John Mills

As Joe set his amplifier into position, he sent a flash of light from his electric torch full upon one of those gray beasts.
On the Yukon Trail Roy J. Snell

an electronic device used to increase the strength of the signal fed into it
such a device used for the amplification of audio frequency signals in a radio, etc
(photog) an additional lens for altering the focal length of a camera lens
a person or thing that amplifies

1540s; agent noun from amplify. Electronic sense is from 1914; shortened form amp is from 1967.

In electronics, a device that takes a small electric signal and converts it into a large one. Amplifiers are used in stereo systems, electric guitars, and loudspeakers.


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