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to pronounce an against; denounce; curse.
to pronounce ; curse.
Historical Examples

Mr. Camperdown anathematised the carelessness of everybody connected with Messrs. Garnett’s establishment.
The Eustace Diamonds Anthony Trollope

The engineer was regarded as John’s seducer, and was anathematised.
The Son of a Servant August Strindberg

Men are Whigs or not-Whigs, and the not-Whig is less a heretic to be anathematised than a blockhead beneath the reach of argument.
Hours in a Library Leslie Stephen

Geologists were anathematised from the pulpits and railed at by tub-thumpers.
Flowers of Freethought George W. Foote

Amongst such a people, the moon would rather be anathematised than adored.
Moon Lore Timothy Harley

A coloured gentleman he anathematised especially for his iteration.
The Man Who Was Good Leonard Merrick

All drew back in horror, to let one so anathematised pass without contact.
The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Various

They ground their teeth, they clenched their fists, they anathematised the name of Blemish.
Grif B. L. (Benjamin Leopold) Farjeon

How I anathematised those beggars with no legs, or minus arms, when I tried to begin a street sketch!
Cathedral Cities of Spain William Wiehe Collins

The freedom of the will is anathematised in the name but not in the interests of science.
Evolution Frank B. Jevons

to pronounce an anathema (upon a person, etc); curse

“to pronounce an anathema against,” 1560s, from French anathématiser (Old French anatemer), from Latin anathematizare, from Greek anathematizein “to devote (to evil),” from stem of anathema. Alternative anathemize (1670s) is less correct and more rare. Related: Anathematized; anathematizing.


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