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of or having a light, purplish shade of blue, like that of a clear and unclouded sky.
Heraldry. of the tincture or color blue.
the blue of a clear or unclouded sky.
a light, purplish blue.
Heraldry. the tincture or color blue.
the clear, cloudless sky.
Contemporary Examples

Per Pale means that the Shield is divided vertically with one half blue (azure) and the other half red (Gules).
William and Kate’s New Conjugal Coat of Arms Tom Sykes September 26, 2013

Historical Examples

Slowly he related his story while his mother bent over her needle, spangling with brilliants a gauze of azure hue.
Carl and the Cotton Gin Sara Ware Bassett

These vapours, moreover, alone clouded the purity of the azure above.
King Candaules Thophile Gautier

Bassingbourne bore “Gironny of gold and azure of twelve pieces.”
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 13, Slice 3 Various

Moreover too, Fish-semblances, of green and azure hue, Ready to snort their streams.
Endymion John Keats

Toward the north, a mountain–Oveis-Karaine–is defined like an immense cloud upon the azure sky.
The Catholic World. Volume III; Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. E. Rameur

No azure field, no streak of green, No shadow, and no breath!
Life Immovable Kostes Palamas

How silvery the tiny houses of the hamlet looked against the azure of the sky!
Flood Tide Sara Ware Bassett

The calm, azure pool was alluring with its promise of coolness and rest.
The House with the Mezzanine and Other Stories Anton Tchekoff

The color of this mineral substance (its distinguishing character) is an azure copper blue of more or less intensity.
Summary Narrative of an Exploratory Expedition to the Sources of the Mississippi River, in 1820 Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

a deep blue, occasionally somewhat purple, similar to the colour of a clear blue sky
(poetic) a clear blue sky
of the colour azure; serene
(usually postpositive) (heraldry) of the colour blue

early 14c., from Old French azur, asur, a color name, from a false separation of Arabic (al)-lazaward “lapis lazuli,” as though the -l- were the French article l’. The Arabic name is from Persian lajward, from Lajward, a place in Turkestan, mentioned by Marco Polo, where the stone was collected.

azure az·ure (āzh’ər)
Any of various dyes used in biological stains, especially for blood and nuclear staining.


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  • Azuresin

    azuresin azuresin az·u·res·in (āzh’ə-rěz’ĭn) n. A complex of an azure dye and a carbacrylic resin that is used to detect gastric achlorhydria without intubation.

  • Azurite

    a blue mineral, a hydrous copper carbonate, Cu 3 (CO 3) 2 (OH) 2 : an ore of copper. a gem of moderate value cut from this mineral. Historical Examples She was twisting the azurite jewels on her bosom, and pressing the blunt points into her flesh. The White Peacock D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence […]

  • Azurmalachite

    a blue-green ornamental stone consisting of a mixture of azurite and malachite.

  • Azurophil

    azurophil azurophil a·zu·ro·phil (ā-zhur’ə-fĭl’, āzh’ə-rō-fĭl’) or a·zu·ro·phile (-fīl’, -fĭl’) adj. Staining readily with an azure dye. Used especially in reference to certain cytoplasmic granules in white blood cells.

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