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Bank paper

drafts, bills, and acceptances payable by banks.
commercial paper that may be discounted in a bank.
Historical Examples

The depreciation of bank paper procured the appointment of a bullion committee.
Worcestershire in the Nineteenth Century T. C. Turberville

The bank paper, the bank seal—even the signature of the letter he knew by name.
John Ames, Native Commissioner Bertram Mitford

The bank paper, making common cause with it, shared its fate.
Love Me Little, Love Me Long Charles Reade

Millions upon millions of bank paper have been added to the circulation.
The Works of Daniel Webster, Volume 1 Daniel Webster

That great man, though a friend to bank paper, was an enemy to government paper.
Thirty Years’ View (Vol. II of 2) Thomas Hart Benton

He wrote his letter—on bank paper—and then went back to Sum Fat’s to await developments.
Rdan The Devil And Other Stories Louis Becke

The next year they stopped all bank paper sent forth under the authority of the states by means of a prohibitive tax.
History of the United States Charles A. Beard and Mary R. Beard

The sum was part in specie, part in bank paper, and part in circular notes payable to the name of James Gregory.
The Lock And Key Library Various

I have called the actual circulation of bank paper in the United States, two hundred millions of dollars.
Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson

Her wars for the restoration of the Capet Bourbons were kept up by loans and subsidies created out of bank paper.
Thirty Years’ View (Vol. I of 2) Thomas Hart Benton


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