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Beech grove

a city in central Indiana.
Historical Examples

The ride to Beech Grove occupied another hour; a mere call, of course, was impossible.
Rutledge Miriam Coles Harris

Here he saw deer feeding, and he came after a while to a Beech Grove.
An Old Man’s Love Anthony Trollope

Go to the Beech Grove, and live with them there,—was that her fate?
Rico and Wiseli Johanna Spyri

Mr. Rutledge advanced the necessity for our visit at Beech Grove as an obstacle.
Rutledge Miriam Coles Harris

But in the evening, when everybody had gone home, she crept over the hill and through the Beech Grove to see what had been done.
Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904 Lucy Maud Montgomery

About six miles from here is a Beech Grove of historical interest, worth a visit if we could have spared the time.
On Horseback Charles Dudley Warner

Judith and her cavalier followed the path that led directly to the Beech Grove.
The Comings of Cousin Ann Emma Speed Sampson

From where he stood the tracks of the wild dogs could be seen leading out of the Beech Grove and joining those of the black buck.
The Black Fawn James Arthur Kjelgaard

As he approached the Beech Grove, he saw Rudi sitting before the door, eating pear after pear from a heap that lay before him.
Rico and Wiseli Johanna Spyri

Surely he could never, never believe that Stephen did not mean what she had said to him that morning in the Beech Grove.
The Man Bram Stoker


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