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Beer engine

beer pump.


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  • Beer garden

    an outdoor tavern where beer and other alcoholic beverages are served. Contemporary Examples Boston beer garden in South Boston is expected to be packed to the door with football enthusiasts cheering for both teams. Best Broncos and Seahawks Bars to Watch Super Bowl XLVIII Justin Jones January 28, 2014 Historical Examples No man goes home […]

  • Beer goggles

    metaphorical goggles that one wears after excessive consumption of alcohol, and that cause diminished judgment, particularly in encouraging one to be attracted to and flirtatious with someone one would not ordinarily find attractive: I bet he was wearing beer goggles when he left the party with that loser. I was sure the Sox would make […]

  • Beer gut

    noun a protruding stomach, mostly likely due to overconsumption of beer; also called beer belly noun Paunch created by drinking a lot of beer: looks like a beer gut to me (1976)

  • Beer hall

    a bar, cabaret, or the like, chiefly serving beer and usually offering music, dancing, etc. Historical Examples After an interminable tour of the quays he finally tumbled into a beer hall. L-bas J. K. Huysmans It is fitted up as a beer hall within and contains ten round tables, each capable of accommodating five or […]

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