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Beer goggles

metaphorical goggles that one wears after excessive consumption of alcohol, and that cause diminished judgment, particularly in encouraging one to be attracted to and flirtatious with someone one would not ordinarily find attractive: I bet he was wearing beer goggles when he left the party with that loser.
I was sure the Sox would make the playoffs, but I was obviously looking through beer goggles.
Contemporary Examples

Unfortunately for Pauly D, the beer goggles did not come off.
The Real Jersey Dictionary, Vol. 2 Jaimie Etkin October 20, 2010

plural noun
(informal) with one’s beer goggles on, seeing people and things as becoming increasingly attractive as one’s alcohol intake rises

the illusion that someone is more attractive than they are, brought on be excessive drinking

He was obviously wearing beer goggles last night when he hooked up with her.
Word Origin

Usage Note


noun phrase

Impaired vision and judgment due to drunkenness: I must have had beer goggles on last night to think he was handsome (late 1980s+ College students)


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