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an establishment licensed to serve only liquors fermented from malt, as beer, ale, or the like.
Historical Examples

Durand immediately forgot himself in a beerhouse, and it was a difficult matter to get him away from it to hold the rehearsal.
Louis Spohr’s Autobiography Louis Spohr

A tall stripling of a Moravian youth, meagre as a sign-post, was the beerhouse Ganymede.
Hungarian Sketches in Peace and War Mr Jkai

Next day he met Titoff’s Russian friend in the German beerhouse, according to plan; and so to the hiding-place.
Eastern Nights – and Flights Alan Bott

He invites him to a beerhouse to learn his drinking habits and reports favorably upon them.
The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven, Volume III (of 3) Alexander Wheelock Thayer

I hired a horse at a livery-stable at Walsall, and had him kept in readiness in the back yard of a beerhouse.
The Making Of A Novelist David Christie Murray

I heard of one beerhouse, the owner of which had only drawn ls.
Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine Edwin Waugh


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  • Beer jerker

    beer jerker noun phrase A person whose work is drawing draft beer and serving it: waiter girls, popularly known as ”beer-jerkers” (1870+)

  • Beer joint

    beer joint noun phrase A tavern or bar serving primarily beer (1940s+) Historical Examples People’d drive up to a beer joint, go in, get in a scuffle an’—bingo! The Ambulance Made Two Trips William Fitzgerald Jenkins

  • Beer nut

    noun a trademarked peanut snack served with its husk but no shell, in a sweet-and-salty glaze; also used generically for a peanut served with its husk but not the shell Examples In Australia, “beer nuts” are used as a generic description of roasted, salted peanuts sold shelled but unhusked. Word Origin 1950+ Usage Note cooking

  • Beer nuts

    a brand of tavern nuts.

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