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Beer hall

a bar, cabaret, or the like, chiefly serving beer and usually offering music, dancing, etc.
Historical Examples

After an interminable tour of the quays he finally tumbled into a beer hall.
L-bas J. K. Huysmans

It is fitted up as a beer hall within and contains ten round tables, each capable of accommodating five or six persons.
The Strand Magazine, Volume XXVII, January 1904, No. 157 Various

Why did I go into that beer hall on that particular evening?
Original Short Stories, Volume 5 (of 13) Guy de Maupassant

On either side of the boulevard were shops and cafs, mostly cafs, with every now and then a brasserie, or beer hall.
The Lion and The Mouse Charles Klein

Together they pored over the score, and even on their way to the beer hall hummed together such bits as they recalled.
The Street of Seven Stars Mary Roberts Rinehart

I brought home from a beer hall—it was in Germany—some pretzels one night, and tossed one toward the monkey.
The Damnation of Theron Ware Harold Frederic

Yet nevertheless a malaise chilled him, and he looked over his shoulder at the mob in the beer hall.
Sinister Street, vol. 2 Compton Mackenzie

In fact, in the U Pinkasu beer hall Simonov had idly picked up a magazine left by some earlier wassailer.
Freedom Dallas McCord Reynolds


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    an establishment licensed to serve only liquors fermented from malt, as beer, ale, or the like. Historical Examples Durand immediately forgot himself in a beerhouse, and it was a difficult matter to get him away from it to hold the rehearsal. Louis Spohr’s Autobiography Louis Spohr A tall stripling of a Moravian youth, meagre as […]

  • Beer jerker

    beer jerker noun phrase A person whose work is drawing draft beer and serving it: waiter girls, popularly known as ”beer-jerkers” (1870+)

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