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greatly loved; dear to the heart.
a person who is greatly loved.
Contemporary Examples

At a public hearing, one parent argued that beloved was given a Lexile rating that equates to a 5th-grade reading level.
How Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ Is Taught in Schools Anna Clark October 3, 2012

Shmuley Boteach speaks of abundant, ‘electrifying’ sex, his close liberal friends, and his beloved gay brother.
Why Is Shmuley Boteach Running for Congress as a Republican? Michelle Goldberg March 22, 2012

Paying tribute to such a beloved public figure as Williams seems only natural.
‘Genie, You’re Free’: Suicide Is Not Liberation Russell Saunders August 11, 2014

In this technological tirade, Rooney laments the death of his beloved typewriter, which lasted him 50 years.
The 7 Best Andy Rooney Kvetches The Daily Beast Video November 4, 2011

Tyrion seems innocent—he just saved his beloved Shae by shipping her off to Pentos, and he’s still recovering—but what do we know?
Game of Thrones’ ‘The Lion and the Rose’: Joffrey’s Demented, Shocking Royal Wedding Andrew Romano April 13, 2014

Historical Examples

Now the lover is not only unlike his beloved, but he forces himself upon him.
Phaedrus Plato

For her sake her beloved sister should be cordially welcomed.
Grace Harlowe’s Return to Overton Campus Jessie Graham Flower

Here she learned that her beloved Amazan had just set sail for Albion.
Voltaire’s Romances Franois-Marie Arouet

It is the falsehood of the silliest poetry to say he defies the image of his beloved.
Weighed and Wanting George MacDonald

She insisted on accompanying the children of her beloved mistress to their new home.
A Book For The Young Sarah French

dearly loved
a person who is dearly loved, such as a wife or husband

late 14c., from past participle of verb belove (c.1200), from be- + loven “to love” (see love (v.)). Noun meaning “one who is beloved” is from 1520s.


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