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Big house

a penitentiary (usually preceded by the).
Contemporary Examples

Vote for the (Alleged) Crooks! How Rick Perry, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker are Running While Under Investigation Olivia Nuzzi August 28, 2014
Hooray for Obama’s ‘Socialist’ Budget Matthew Yglesias May 4, 2009
Hot U.S. Cities That Offer Both Jobs and Culture Are Mostly Southern and Modest Sized Joel Kotkin, Wendell Cox July 29, 2013
A Fashionista’s India Dream: Indrani Changes the Fate of Forgotten Girls Abigail Pesta July 9, 2012
Jerry Sandusky Trial, Day Two: Young Accuser Breaks Down Diane Dimond June 11, 2012

Historical Examples

An Outcast of the Islands Joseph Conrad
The Little Colonel’s Christmas Vacation Annie Fellows Johnston
Tom, Dot and Talking Mouse and Other Bedtime Stories J. G. Kernahan and C. Kernahan
The Unicorn from the Stars and Other Plays William B. Yeats
The Great Miss Driver Anthony Hope


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