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Also called white walnut. the edible oily nut of an American tree, Juglans cinerea, of the walnut family.
the tree itself.
the light-brown wood of this tree, used for making furniture.
the light-brown color resulting from a dye made from this tree.
U.S. History. a Confederate soldier or partisan, especially one whose uniform was dyed with an extract from this tree.
souari nut.
Contemporary Examples

Divine Apple Dishes Anne Burrell January 5, 2011

Historical Examples

Oh, You Tex! William Macleod Raine
The Later Cave-Men Katharine Elizabeth Dopp
The Shriek Charles Somerville
The Citizen-Soldier John Beatty
Growing Nuts in the North Carl Weschcke
American Forest Trees Henry H. Gibson
Growing Nuts in the North Carl Weschcke
American Forest Trees Henry H. Gibson
Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Thirty-Eighth Annual Meeting Northern Nut Growers Association

a walnut tree, Juglans cinerea of E North America Compare black walnut
the oily edible egg-shaped nut of this tree
the hard brownish-grey wood of this tree
the bark of this tree or an extract from it, formerly used as a laxative
a brownish colour or dye
(NZ) short for butternut pumpkin


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