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Carnegie hall

a famous concert hall in New York (opened 1891); endowed by Andrew Carnegie
Contemporary Examples

One spring night four years ago my fiancée and I were at carnegie hall, listening to the Emerson String Quartet play Beethoven.
Encounters With Thomas Pynchon Nick Romeo October 4, 2011

The denouement of her career came on October 25, 1944, when she sold out carnegie hall.
Dead Cool: Florence Foster Jenkins Simon Doonan July 9, 2010

“Despite what you may have heard, flat is not the new up,” CEO Les Moonves told advertisers gathered at carnegie hall.
Best and Worst of the New TV Lineups Kim Masters May 21, 2009

Celia Eydeland, 17Piano since 7, played at carnegie hall, music honors program.
Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D, Reviewed by Teenagers Ramin Setoodeh July 4, 2012

He has lived in the same tiny apartment at the carnegie hall studios for half a century.
Knowing Bill Cunningham Philip Gefter March 21, 2010

Historical Examples

There is not the select gathering of musically cultured people that one finds in carnegie hall or the Auditorium.
Great Singers on the Art of Singing James Francis Cooke

It was not such an audience which gathered that night at carnegie hall.
Comrade Yetta Albert Edwards

It was nearly an hour before they called her, but she had not yet begun to think out what she should say at carnegie hall.
Comrade Yetta Albert Edwards

It was at the theater and at carnegie hall that Paul really lived; the rest was but a sleep and a forgetting.
The Troll Garden and Selected Stories Willa Cather

Their Tuesday night concerts at carnegie hall became the rage.
The World’s Great Men of Music Harriette Brower

A concert hall, world-famous for its acoustics, in New York City.

Note: Carnegie Hall was the home of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra for many years. When the orchestra announced in 1959 that it was moving to a new building, plans were made to tear Carnegie Hall down. Because of the efforts of the violinist Isaac Stern and other artists, however, it has been preserved as a concert hall.


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