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Arthur C(harles) 1917–2008, English science-fiction writer.
Kenneth Spearman [speer-muh n] /ˈspɪər mən/ (Show IPA), (“Kenny”; “Klook”) 1914–85, U.S. jazz drummer, a bebop pioneer.
Contemporary Examples

Clarke is preparing for an Aug. 31 Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals hearing on his forced medication.
Should He Be Forced to Take Meds? Terry Greene Sterling July 29, 2011

Clarke will most likely seek to avoid a trial and negotiate a plea.
Judy Clarke, the Defense Lawyer Appointed to Defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Michael Daly April 30, 2013

Clarke began by seeking to comprehend how Smith could have become a mother so unlike the one she herself had known.
Judy Clarke, the Defense Lawyer Appointed to Defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Michael Daly April 30, 2013

But however well suited Clarke is for the task, the challenge she now faces is formidable.
How Will Judy Clarke Defend Jared Lee Loughner? Gerald L. Shargel January 10, 2011

Asked who would have made the order, Clarke replies, “I would think it would have been made by the director,” referring to Tenet.
An Explosive New 9/11 Charge Philip Shenon August 10, 2011

Historical Examples

Strong steps had to be taken; and Clarke was not the man to shirk his duty.
The Loom of Youth Alec Waugh

In view of this, Clarke was sent to guard the frontier forts.
Stories Of Georgia Joel Chandler Harris

But if we answer, that something may be put where there is nothing, what answer will be made by Newton and Clarke?
A Philosophical Dictionary, Volume 9 (of 10) Franois-Marie Arouet (AKA Voltaire)

Clarke’s house was burned, and his family ordered to leave the State.
Stories Of Georgia Joel Chandler Harris

He, sick at heart at her connivance in the trick, made no reply, but silently took the seat which Clarke indicated.
The Tyranny of the Dark Hamlin Garland

Sir Arthur C(harles). 1917–2008, British science-fiction writer, who helped to develop the first communications satellites. He scripted the film 2001, A Space Odyssey (1968)
Austin. 1896–1974, Irish poet and verse dramatist. His volumes include The Vengeance of Fionn (1917), Night and Morning (1938), and Ancient Lights (1955)
Jeremiah. ?1673-1707, English composer and organist, best known for his Trumpet Voluntary, formerly attributed to Purcell
Kenneth Harry. born 1940, British Conservative politician: secretary of state for health (1988-1990); secretary of state for education (1990-1992); home secretary (1992-93); chancellor of the exchequer (1993-97); secretary of state for justice and Lord Chancellor (2010–2012)
Marcus (Andrew Hislop). 1846–81, Australian novelist born in England, noted for his novel For the Term of His Natural Life, published in serial form (1870–72); other works include Twixt Shadow and Shine (1875)


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