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Arthur Bowen
[boh-uh n] /ˈboʊ ən/ (Show IPA), 1862–1928, U.S. painter.
Joseph Edward, 1876–1958, U.S. lawyer and diplomat.
Peter Maxwell, born 1934, English composer.
(William) Robertson, 1913–1995, Canadian novelist, playwright, and essayist.
a town in SE Florida.
Contemporary Examples

A spokesman for 60 Minutes, Kevin Tedesco, did not address the disappearance of Davies in a statement to The Daily Beast.
Exclusive: Why Dylan Davies Disappeared Eli Lake November 13, 2013

Someone who had known her for years told Davies that she could at times seem like “the beating heart of the Devil.”
Murdoch on the Rocks: How a Lone Reporter Revealed the Mogul’s Tabloid Terror Machine Clive Irving August 24, 2014

After 60 Minutes walked away from Davies, Simon & Schuster on Friday announced they would be pulling the book from stores.
Exclusive: Why Dylan Davies Disappeared Eli Lake November 13, 2013

And therein lies the university’s real defense for Davies’ suspension.
The Mormon Athlete Sex Scandal McKay Coppins March 3, 2011

At the end of his email to Robinson, Davies said he understood why his book was being pulled.
Exclusive: Why Dylan Davies Disappeared Eli Lake November 13, 2013

Historical Examples

Francis thrust his hand through his friend’s arm and wheeled him round into Davies Street.
The Evil Shepherd E. Phillips Oppenheim

The brushing and burning, however, were done by Davies’s men.
Personal Recollections of a Cavalryman J. H. (James Harvey) Kidd

Our conversation at dinner turned naturally on war, and in naval warfare I found I had come upon Davies’s literary hobby.
The Riddle of the Sands Erskine Childers

I could almost hear Davies saying that, as if Pater had never so much as thought of it.
Adventures in the Arts Marsden Hartley

Davies had to go and shake hands, though at the moment he wished that he might avoid almost everybody.
Under Fire Charles King

Sir John. 1569–1626, English poet, author of Orchestra or a Poem of Dancing (1596) and the philosophical poem Nosce Teipsum (1599)
Sir Peter Maxwell. born 1934, British composer whose works include the operas Taverner (1967), The Martyrdom of St Magnus (1977), and Resurrection (1988), nine symphonies, and the ten Strathclyde Concertos; Master of the Queen’s Music from 2004
(William) Robertson. 1913–95, Canadian novelist and dramatist. His novels include Leaven of Malice (1954), Fifth Business (1970), The Rebel Angels (1981), What’s Bred in the Bone (1985), and The Cunning Man (1994)
W(illiam) H(enry). 1871–1940, Welsh poet, noted also for his Autobiography of a Super-tramp (1908)


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