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Arthur Hugh, 1819–61, English poet.
Historical Examples

Master Clough breathed more freely when he found that neither his wife nor Margery were among them.
The Golden Grasshopper W.H.G. Kingston

A home is a refuge, and you have made The Clough so charming.
The Lady of the Basement Flat Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey

Had Clough written much in the strain of these pieces he might have had some title to the name of a great poet.
The Age of Tennyson Hugh Walker

I was well pleased with the reception which Madam Clough gave Aveline.
The Golden Grasshopper W.H.G. Kingston

David had noticed at first sight of him that his old playfellow had grown to look much older than in the Clough End days.
The History of David Grieve Mrs. Humphry Ward

Master Clough, of course, said that he hoped to do so ere long.
The Golden Grasshopper W.H.G. Kingston

A considerable circuit had to be made before the bottom of the Clough could be reached, and then the whole tragedy was revealed.
A Stable for Nightmares J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Master Clough was, however, in the meantime thinking about his wife.
The Golden Grasshopper W.H.G. Kingston

God’s Word gave courage to Clough; it enabled him to give courage to others; and it will give courage to you.
The Book of Courage John Thomson Faris

Is it not Clough who has remarked that, after all, everything lies in juxtaposition?
Familiar Studies of Men and Books Robert Louis Stevenson

(dialect) a gorge or narrow ravine
Arthur Hugh. 1819–61, British poet, author of Amours de Voyage (1858) and Dipsychus (1865)
Brian. 1935–2004, English footballer and manager

“ravine with a river,” Old English cloh (in place names), of uncertain origin.


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