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Anna, 1895–1982, British psychoanalyst, born in Austria (daughter of Sigmund Freud).
Lucian, 1932–2011, British painter, born in Germany; grandson of Sigmund Freud.
[sig-muh nd;; German zeekh-moo nt] /ˈsɪg mənd;; German ˈzix mʊnt/ (Show IPA), 1856–1939, Austrian neurologist: founder of psychoanalysis.
Contemporary Examples

Freud said he had never thought about having so many children—when asked by Greig “Did you want children?”
A New Book Gives A Rare Glimpse Into The Life of Lucian Freud Erin Cunningham October 21, 2013

Welles, who once dismissed his masterpiece Citizen Kane as “dollar-book Freud,” was nothing if not a projector.
Go Fuck Yourself Christopher Bray July 17, 2013

He is aglow, too, remembering Freud presiding over the Vienna Society.
The Real Freud Revealed John Kerr November 24, 2011

Indeed, a source close to Freud told me Wendi was one of the family members who encouraged his Ailes attack in the Times.
The Fox-Murdoch Feud Lloyd Grove January 8, 2010

Freud escaped to London, where he died of cancer the following year.
Goce Smilevski’s ‘Freud’s Sister’ Lauren Elkin January 10, 2013

Historical Examples

Freud, the inventor of the most dangerous form of Psycho-Analysis, is a Jew.
Secret Societies And Subversive Movements Nesta H. Webster

Sucking movements in children are regarded by Freud as sexual phenomena.
The Sexual Life of the Child Albert Moll

In so far Freud’s psychological method of interpretation is strictly scientific.
Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology C. G. Jung

Galdos’ “Lo Prohibido” does Freud long before the sex crank got to it.
Instigations Ezra Pound

This being carried away by interest in the object is what Freud calls hysterical identification.
Collected Papers on Analytical Psychology C. G. Jung

Anna. 1895–1982, Austrian psychiatrist: daughter of Sigmund Freud and pioneer of child psychoanalysis
Sir Clement. 1924–2009, British broadcaster, writer, politician, and chef; best known as a panellist on the radio game show Just a Minute; grandson of Sigmund Freud
Lucian. 1922–2011, British painter, esp of nudes and portraits; grandson of Sigmund Freud
Sigmund (ˈziːkmʊnt). 1856–1939, Austrian psychiatrist; originator of psychoanalysis, based on free association of ideas and analysis of dreams. He stressed the importance of infantile sexuality in later development, evolving the concept of the Oedipus complex. His works include The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) and The Ego and the Id (1923)

Freud (froid), Anna. 1895-1982.

Austrian-born British psychoanalyst noted for her application of psychoanalysis to child therapy.

Freud , Sigmund. 1856-1939.

Austrian physician and founder of psychoanalysis who theorized that the symptoms of hysterical patients represent forgotten and unresolved infantile psychosexual conflicts. His psychoanalytic theories profoundly influenced 20th-century thought.


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