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Arthur (“Art”) born 1942, U.S. singer.
Contemporary Examples

Kill Rock Stars founder Slim Moon likened this to Simon and Garfunkel.
‘Heaven Adores You’ Is More Celebratory Than Salacious About Elliott Smith Rachel Kramer Bussel June 21, 2014

Historical Examples

“Yes, I have,” said Garfunkel, his eye still glued to Lina’s bulging figure.
Potash & Perlmutter Montague Glass

“Me late,” she said, but Garfunkel forgot all about his lost breakfast hour when he beheld the plum-color Empire.
Potash & Perlmutter Montague Glass

Anna lifted both her arms the better to display the gown’s perfection, and Garfunkel examined it with the eye of an expert.
Potash & Perlmutter Montague Glass


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