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Arthur, 1837–1909, U.S. educator.
Charlotte Anna Perkins, 1860–1935, U.S. writer, publisher, and feminist.
Daniel Coit
[koit] /kɔɪt/ (Show IPA), 1831–1908, U.S. educator.
Contemporary Examples

Fond of Motörhead T-shirts, Dickies, Vans, and chain wallets, Levine would look right at home on the stage of 924 Gilman.
The Buddhist Punk Reforming Drug Rehab Stephen Krcmar June 15, 2014

Historical Examples

These figures make it evident that a good margin of profit may be calculated on from the Gilman coal.
A Report on Washington Territory William Henry Ruffner

Mr. Gilman instructed me part of the year in English literature.
Story of My Life Helen Keller

Mr. Gilman remarked under his breath to Audrey: “I think there is nothing finer than to hear Beethoven on the water.”
The Lion’s Share E. Arnold Bennett

Mr. Gilman read all the papers to me by means of the manual alphabet.
Story of My Life Helen Keller

There was a patter of applause from the gallery, started by Gilman and Cyril.
Fore! Charles Emmett Van Loan

“No, it was not,” answered Gilman, all the bulldog in his nature coming to the surface.
Her Father’s Daughter Gene Stratton-Porter

But Doctor Gilman’s five completely knocked out the required average of fifty, and young Peter was “found” and could not graduate.
The Red Cross Girl Richard Harding Davis

If she ever came back it would not be as his daughter, but as the wife of Gilman.
Other Main-Travelled Roads Hamlin Garland

With the opposition in her daughter’s tone, Mrs. Gilman was suddenly moved to argue.
Money Magic Hamlin Garland


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