a person who favors or works for .
of, relating to, or characteristic of isolationists or :
to be accused of isolationist sympathies.
Contemporary Examples

It is isolationist and defensive, paranoid about government, and prone to conspiracy theories about subversive global elites.
Why the White Militias Are Back Michelle Goldberg August 12, 2009

Establishment figures look a bit askance at the Kentucky senator because of his isolationist roots.
Rand Paul’s Bizarre Bowe Bergdahl Joke Ben Jacobs June 5, 2014

“With all due respect” because “isolationist,” Cheney knows, is a deeply politically damaging insult.
Rand Paul Gives War a Chance Olivia Nuzzi August 17, 2014

A recent Pew poll found that isolationist sentiment is at a four-decade high.
Why Feminists Love the Surge Dana Goldstein December 4, 2009

(Which explains why the media can identify both uber-hawk Sarah Palin and isolationist Ron Paul as among its leaders).
Obama’s China Ambush Peter Beinart November 7, 2010

Instead, he carried on with his blinkered views and remained an isolationist.
“The Patriarch”: Joseph Kennedy Sr.’s Outsized Life Jacob Heilbrunn November 20, 2012

Paul, meanwhile, has taken to cyberbullying Rubio, tweeting on Friday that he is “acting like an isolationist.”
The Rand-Rubio Catfight Over Cuba Olivia Nuzzi December 18, 2014

The public mood is isolationist; the president is by nature cautious; the federal government is nearly broke.
Behind the Libya War Peter Beinart March 20, 2011

It really does encourage an isolationist view that negates the shared experience.
Binge Watching is Lame and Lonely Roland S. Martin February 18, 2014

Historical Examples

But gradually they came to accept Harry’s isolationist ways as the norm—at least, for him.
This Crowded Earth Robert Bloch

in reference to U.S. foreign policy, 1899 (earlier in reference to treatment of leprosy), from isolation + -ist. Isolationism is attested by 1922.

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