Alice (Laidlaw)
[leyd-law] /ˈleɪdˌlɔ/ (Show IPA), born 1931, Canadian short-story writer.
H(ector) H(ugh) (“Saki”) 1870–1916, Scottish novelist and short-story writer, born in Burma.
Contemporary Examples

Munro reminds us once again why she is an international treasure.
Our Favorite Books of 2012: Tina Brown, Andrew Sullivan, and Others’ Picks The Daily Beast December 10, 2012

Munro is joining an elite band of exceptions—Thomas Mann and John Updike perhaps among them.
The Best of Brit Lit Peter Stothard August 28, 2009

As one Munro protagonist puts it, “good use can be made of everything, if you are willing.”
This Week’s Hot Reads: November 6, 2012 Mythili Rao November 6, 2012

Munro is a great writer; a wise writer; a free and brave, exacting, transformative, generous, and profoundly discreet writer.
Alice Munro, Cinderella Story Gish Jen October 11, 2013

Munro is the first Canadian-based writer to ever win the Nobel literature award since it began in 1901.
60 Second Guide to Alice Munro: 2013 Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature Jimmy So October 9, 2013

Historical Examples

Night is the same as day to Le Subtil, when Munro waits for him.
The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper

But when he felt the blows of Munro, his spirit lay under the birch.
The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper

Dr. Munro thought it would be better that he should not come down.
The Stark Munro Letters J. Stark Munro

“Wait till you’re asked, Munro,” he interrupted, with his ugliest of expressions.
The Stark Munro Letters J. Stark Munro

Munro shook his head in disappointment, and proceeded, bent on the high duty of his station.
The Last of the Mohicans James Fenimore Cooper

noun (pl) Munros
(mountaineering) any separate mountain peak over 3000 feet high: originally used of Scotland only but now sometimes extended to other parts of the British Isles
Alice, original name Alice Laidlaw. born 1931, Canadian short-story writer; her books include Lives of Girls and Women (1971), The Moons of Jupiter (1982), and The Love of a Good Woman (1999); winner of the Booker international prize (2009) for a lifetime body of work
H(ector) H(ugh), pen name Saki. 1870–1916, Scottish author, born in Burma (now Myanmar), noted for his collections of satirical short stories, such as Reginald (1904) and Beasts and Superbeasts (1914)

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