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Anita (Anita Belle Colton) 1919–2006, U.S. jazz singer.
Historical Examples

O’Day took Matt’s sizing with a troubled eye, then clenched his teeth.
Motor Matt; or, The King of the Wheel Stanley R. Matthews

O’Day squinted his eyes, his lips moving in silent calculation.
From Place to Place Irvin S. Cobb

“And it’s the same to-day,” echoed Kelsey, taking the book from O’Day’s hand, to keep the leaves from buckling.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

“No, suh; much obliged, but I ain’t got only a minute to stay,” said O’Day.
From Place to Place Irvin S. Cobb

He had now taken in the width of O’Day’s shoulders and the length of his forearm.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

“‘Tain’t no gift of money, or nothin’ like that,” O’Day hastened to explain.
From Place to Place Irvin S. Cobb

Couldn’t you bring her down here once in a while, Mr. O’Day?
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

At the sound of O’Day’s step the occupant lifted his head and peered out.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

O’Day had fooled them with this new vision, just as he had bewitched them by the glamour of the decorated room.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith

“Nat talks too much, Mr. O’Day,” he piped in a high-keyed voice.
Felix O’Day F. Hopkinson Smith


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