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Yersin Yer·sin (yěr-sāɴ’), Alexandre Émile John. 1863-1943.

Swiss-born French bacteriologist. His work with the diphtheria bacillus led to the development of antitoxins to neutralize pathogenic toxins.
Historical Examples

The bacillus pestis was discovered by Kitasato and yersin, working independently, in 1894.
Experiments on Animals Stephen Paget

It is caused by a specific bacillus isolated by Kitasato and yersin in 1894.
Essays In Pastoral Medicine Austin Malley

But Dr. yersin’s explanation of the Ceraunic pictures does not seem to me to be justified.
Thunder and Lightning Camille Flammarion

French bacteriologist who, working with Émile Roux, isolated the toxin that causes the symptoms of diphtheria. Yersin later discovered the bacillus that causes bubonic plague and developed a serum to protect against it.


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