there aren’t any definitions for deminica yet.

can you define it?

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  • penguin herd

    rightfully named for a group of 4-6 women who waddle like penguins but graze hard like a herd of cattle. they are usually found at the local watering hole once a month to get their feed on. they are extremely hungry and not afraid to show it. only way to qualify as an actual penguin […]

  • wind banger

    (n.) a slang term for a wind turbine; (n.) a slang term for a person who believes in green energy. citizens in cape cod banned wind bangers off the coast. julie: he threw red paint on my ford expedition. mary: what a wind banger.

  • meme void

    where the bad memes come from. all forced or undank memes come from the meme void such as dat boi or every meme from vine. when i saw that undank meme i knew it came from the meme void.

  • exeggutor

    a gr-ss/psychic type pokemon that often has been made into a meme ever since exeggutor’s alolan form has been revealed. also, alolan exeggutor is a gr-ss/dragon type pokemon. just go to /r/upvoteexeggutor for an example of how it’s been turned into a meme.

  • cafe commander

    one who feigns a knowledge of the military. trevor is a regular cafe commander, saying what the generals should do!

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