dirty leprechaun

when a midget gets his face stuck in a girl’s -ss while tossing her salad
what your mom got from the midget in me, myself, and irene
when you are squatting over a girls face naked while she is sleeping, like a little leprechaun with your -ssh-l- spread open. next, you throw a pint of guiness in her face to wake her up, then she wakes up immediately slamming her face into your -sshole.
my wife was sleeping last night and i decided to give her a dirty leprechaun.
when you are f-ck-ng a chick doggystyle, you pick your nose and wipe it underneath her nose, hence giving her a green mustache aka the dirty leprechaun!!!
dude… i was nutting my wife from behind last night and i had this greener i fished outta my nose and gave her a dirty leprechaun!

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