an inferior species of human that expresses their r-t-rdation in order to attract other mammals
dooper -“whoah waw waw wah wah wah” superior human -“whatever you say dooper”
when your p–p reaches or goes into the water of the toilet bowl before leaving the -n-s

multi-dooper: when you have more than one dooper consecutively in the same sitting
dude i just had a huge dooper.
i doopered it.
that toilet is so deep it would be impossible to dooper in that.
anagram for dear old oak parker. used a term to mock residents of chicago’s suburb, oak park.
pfft, john’s such a dooper.
the act of making love to a woman.
last night i made doopers with my girlfriend
to take a big cr-pper. sometimes used if you want to get away from someone.
i have to take a dooper, bye
noun: a small blunt or small object
adj.: doopery: any object having dooper-like characteristics
(pointing to a small black shiny round rock) “duuuude this guy’s a little dooper!”
anything that has to do with the female or male reproductive organs and or b–bs and male pectorals.
“she sucked his dooper”
ancient latin; thee who is cooler than eleni
abz is dooper

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