Double Dutchin’

typically ment for rolling regs, double dutchin’ is simply removing and using only the 2 thin long leaves

provided from any two purchased flavored or unflavored cigars and layering both to roll forming one single blunt.

-doesn’t matter high or low grade, your mood, how you roll and crush effects your thc intake.
-with that said, using 2 d-ch-s to roll 1 blunt, many possiblities can be accomplished, such as a slow burning blunt, achieves smooth & calmer hits as to a fast burning blunt, achieves stronger, wind chesting hits.
nel: so we smokin this double dutch foo?
tone: d-mn men, it ain’t even gunna do a full cyf with mad n-gg-z in the crib….
nel: das why i preped anotha, early….
tone: aaah sh-t son….
nel: u already…

other slang (other than double dutchin’):

-d-dos ”dee-dos” (dos = 2 in spanish)
“who’s nex off this d-dos…”

-dubble deein’
“we dobble deein’ tha niggie?”

-two n’ one/ two n’
-coughs more than 5 times- “yo that 2 n’……wind chested ma shyt!”

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