cracking/hacking/other illegal activities
want to buy some encration

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  • gold plated tin foil hat

    the hat one wears when they’ve gone so far into talking about random nonsense that they freak out if you call them out on it. different from the common tinfoil hat in regards to the wearer’s randomness. 1 – “godd-mnit, brendan is going off randomly about some nonsense again… he’s got a gold plated tin […]

  • headmolottie

    where a baby has a big head. they got mo’ head then they got body. me: have you seen jennifers headmolottie? you: no what is that? me:se just had a baby. its a headmolottie. its got mo’ head than it has body. you: why didnt they put it back?

  • scratch attack

    when you get all itchy and you spend 20 minutes scratching yourself cause it feels so good. person 1 – i just had a m-ssive scratch attack person 2 – i feel fat and s-ssy person 1 – right…

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