cake with a photo of a persons face on. referenced in scrubs.
i smell facecake!
did somebody say facecake?
too decorate an ugly girls face, you shoot your load on her forehead, then spread it with your c-ck. finish by sticking a birthday candle right in the middle of her forehead.
make a wish b-tch, you just got facecaked!
when receiving oral s-x from a female, one -j-c-l-t-s onto her face and she proceeds to light a cigarette without cleaning off the s-m-n. while not necessary, it is encouraged to shout “happy birthday” whilst ejaculating. without cigarette, referred to simply as “icing” the cake.
my girlfriend ran out of menthols, so had to use one my smokes when i gave her her face cake last night.
1. a sweet, baked, breadlike food, made with a person’s face on it. usually making featured person look like a blowup doll.
“dude, we totally should’ve stolen that face cake.”

“yea, too bad someone ate it.”
a person wearing excessive make-up.
mana is adorable, but he’s a total face-cake.
a girl who is face pretty

or when you get cake on ur face then eat it
oh that girl has some delicious face-cake


the cake on my face is most tasty

mmm… face cake
adjective; can basically replace any insult, except for h-m-s-xual references.
usually meant to leave the “what the f-ck?” effect.
jen: dude, my boyfriend just f-cking dumped me!
c-ssie: what a facecake!

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