Flying Fuck

though used in daily speech, little is actually known about the flying f-ck. native to africa, this flightless bird tends to be secretive and rarely allows itself to be visible, hence, examining it in it’s natural habitat is nearly impossible. due to their extreme lack of activity within the community, they were considered a rare commodity throughout several african villages. the term “i don’t give a flying f-ck” originally meant that you could not put a price on such a item or service, but after translation and over use, the statement now means the exact opposite of this.
jimmy left his flying f-ck in the wagon, and now he has none. he can no longer give a “flying f-ck”, as he has none.
when you don’t care at all about something
i don’t really give a flying f-ck about what you think… go f-ck a horse!!
an extended version of the word f-ck most often used to put greater ephasis on ones apathey in a vulgar and angry way.

i don’t give a flying f-ck what your special rate is, i’m not buying you d-mn stuff.
not caring or giving a sh-t at all
when made at chris, “chris i dont give a flying f-ck what you think.”

or “he doesnt give 2 flying f-cks.”
an extremely dangerous s-x move where a man with acrobatic abilities tumbles from the air and dives down towards a sprawled out woman with the intent of successfully driving his p-n-s down the girl’s pubic landing strip and into her v-g-n-, making her c-m instantly
announcer: and there he goes, starting off with a tumble. and he swoops down like a bird ready for the kill. and he nails it! he successfully pulls off the flying f-ck! just look at that girl c-m.
term used to emphasize one’s indifference on the presupposition of interest, especially when “through a rolling doughnut”.
“you think we want to hear your opinion? n-body gives a flying f-ck through a rolling doughnut what you think, ted!”
something that is very rarely given.
usually a user will say they will not give someone else one if they are annoyed or angered by a comment by the same person.
#1: wow you suck. i beat you at halo for the 56th time.
#2: i don’t give a flying f-ck!

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