a ridiculous amount of pubic hair, noticed suddenly and publicly when revealed by such a hairy individual to the dismay of others. one might exclaim, describing the little people lost and roaming about this jungle, “let me outa here!!!”
“ahhhh, let my outa here!!!!”
a nice person who doesnt hurt anyones feelings. they are very smart and sophisticated.they always work hard at their job and they have lots of friends.
that person is so forest!
a large group of trees, common to awesome areas.
“dude i wish i was a part of that forest”

“yeah lets leave our herd and join it”

“you’re right herds are lame”
a person who doesn’t f-ck around. is very tall and very big. always carry’s a weapon with him. he is able to knock someone out with one blow to the face. when you see a forest, you run.
“what happened to you?!” “this forest came out of nowhere and kicked the sh-t out of me.”
1.(noun) an area prodominantly covered in trees, and natural wild life.

2.(noun) a large quant-ty of weed/marijuana. usually between a half ounce to an ounce of high grade marijuana.
1. “there is a vast forest behind the river.”

2. andy- “hey yo, you should come over. i got a forest over here we’re about to roll some blunts.”
a usually great person who is a leader, loves to have fun and dances when everyone watches usually forests are great singers, most people with the name forest have great personalities. they spazz at others when they are stressed or over worked. most forests are very energized or “hyper”
“wow, forest is in a great mood today!”

“why did forest just spazz at me she is usually so happy?”
look at forest today did she have sugar or something
i pillar of strength, definitely one who will stand by you through bad times and protect from all evils.
a strong and undestanding father.
forest surrounds his family with strong, protecting limbs.

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