Francis bacon

francis (baron verulam, viscount st. albans) 1561–1626, english essayist, philosopher, and statesman.
francis, 1910–92, english painter, born in ireland.
henry, 1866–1924, u.s. architect.
nathaniel, 1647–76, american colonist, born in england: leader of a rebellion in virginia 1676.
roger (“the admirable doctor”) 1214?–94? english philosopher and scientist.
contemporary examples

she gives no nods to the humanists, like montaigne, francis bacon, erasmus, or descartes.
sor juana: mexico’s most erotic poet and its most dangerous nun katie baker november 7, 2014

and the evangelicals have been especially irked by the recent sale of a francis bacon triptych for an astounding $142 million.
the myth of the tortured artist shane mcadams january 3, 2014

these include takashi murakami, jasper johns, francis bacon, roy lichtenstein, jeff koons, and two identical basquiats.
the art of ‘mr. brainwash’ anthony haden-guest february 17, 2010

the met is celebrating francis bacon’s centenary with a grand retrospective.
art’s obsessive genius paul laster may 19, 2009

mark twain, thomas hardy, ralph waldo emerson, henry david th-r-au, francis bacon, and john milton all kept them, to name a few.
social media: nothing new? commonplace books as predecessor to pinterest kelsey mckinney august 15, 2012

historical examples

in this house the great francis bacon was born, on the 22d of january, 1561.
haunted london walter thornbury

julius csar wrote a collection of them, and we have a collection by francis bacon.
the new gresham encyclopedia. vol. 1 part 2 various

it is of more importance for the present purpose to know what type of man was the father of francis bacon.
the mystery of francis bacon william t. smedley

it is at this stage that the mystery of francis bacon begins to develop.
the mystery of francis bacon william t. smedley

at this time francis bacon thought in latin, for his mother tongue was wholly insufficient.
the mystery of francis bacon william t. smedley

meat from the back and sides of a pig, dried, salted, and usually smoked
(informal) bring home the bacon

to achieve success
to provide material support

(brit, informal) save someone’s bacon, to help someone to escape from danger
francis, baron verulam, viscount st albans. 1561–1626, english philosopher, statesman, and essayist; described the inductive method of reasoning: his works include essays (1625), the advancement of learning (1605), and novum organum (1620)
francis. 1909–92, british painter, born in dublin, noted for his distorted, richly coloured human figures, dogs, and carc-sses
roger. ?1214–92, english franciscan monk, scholar, and scientist: stressed the importance of experiment, demonstrated that air is required for combustion, and first used lenses to correct vision. his opus majus (1266) is a compendium of all the sciences of his age

early 14c., “meat from the back and sides of a pig” (originally either fresh or cured, but especially cured), from old french bacon, from proto-germanic -bakkon “back meat” (cf. old high german bahho, old dutch baken “bacon”). slang phrase bring home the bacon first recorded 1908; bacon formerly being the staple meat of the working cl-ss.
english scientist and philosopher who is noted for the wide range of his knowledge and writing on scientific topics. bacon pioneered the idea that mathematics is fundamental to science and that experimentation is essential to test scientific theories.

our living language : roger bacon was something of a renaissance man before there was a renaissance. over the course of his long life, his energetic research would lead him to study everything from languages to mathematics to optics. he is most remembered for his insistence on the importance of pursuing fruitful lines of scientific research through experimentation. his writings describe countless experiments; while the majority were probably never performed by him, the profusion alone of experimental ideas is nothing short of astounding. his own laboratory work dealt primarily with alchemy, optics, and mechanics. he was among the first to apply geometric and mathematical principles to problems in optics and the behavior of light, allowing him to make important observations on reflection and refraction. his interest in mechanics led him to describe flying machines and other devices that had not yet been invented. he was the first person in the west to come up with a recipe for gunpowder, and he suggested reforms to the calendar, which would ultimately be implemented hundreds of years later. his novel ways of pursuing knowledge were sometimes viewed with suspicion, resulting at one time in imprisonment; but he bravely resisted all strictures on his intellectual life, even when that meant having to write and work in secret.

related terms

bring home the bacon

bring home the bacon
save one’s bacon

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