s-xy to the point of being so s-xy that the person with said name becomes un-s-xy then s-xy again 12 times over. in the end you have a name that indicates a person with piles of s-xy on just their nosehairs. the s-xiness eats rainbows, pukes unicorns, and beats supermodels with a vicious s-xy spatula. don’t look at the s-xy, you will kill yourself on the spot from pure envy of frey’s s-xiness.
“woah…frey is s-xy. almost…too s-xy.” tristen
(noun) 1. a self-serving lie about your life that is grandiose and melodramatic.

(verb) 2. to lie in a grandiose, melodramatic, self-serving manner.

(adj.) 3. grandiose, melodramatic and self-serving.
1. interesting frey, but you can’t tell me that you were arrested 50 times when there’s no evidence to the fact.

2. don’t try to frey your way out of the homework -ssignment; i’m not buying all of your overly dramatic cr-p about last night.

3. well, isn’t that a very frey way of putting what just happened…however, i didn’t see us being pulled over by the cop an issued a citation as “police brutality”.

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