a way of one person stating that they have utterly owned someone elce
after smacking billy in the back of the head, jon jumped on billy and screamed fushaw

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  • faciale

    a french word, means c-mshot les salopes adorent les faciales

  • f*glicious

    completely h-m-s-xual in a flamboyantly super way! that man wearing the spandex and sequined cape is positively f-glicious! so f-g, yet so delicious! that guy’s sweet -ss is so f-glicious! anything a f-g (or a kid named nick)says, owns, or does “that h-m-‘s bright yellow shirt is f-glicious”

  • fart poisoning

    a common health risk amongst habitants in close proximity to suburban males, usually the father. symptoms include intense nausea, loss of appet-te and occasional vomiting. can be fatal if experienced during a dutch oven. dad had steak and apricots last night, so i’m going to take some hydroxyzine and advil until the risk of fart […]

  • fatty jiggle

    the act of firmly grabbing a roll of fat from someone’s waist and shaking it like jello. works best when applied to a m-ffin top. yo, check out the epic m-ffin top on that girl. i’m gonna sneak behind her and give her a fatty jiggle.

  • flossing the strahan

    an alternate for “throwing a hotdog down a hallway”. denotes having s-x with a loose- woman. -cavernous v-g-n- also, wordplay on the gigantic gap in michael strahan’s teeth. man, i did this p-rn star last night, but f-ck-ng her felt like flossing the strahan!

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