alternate spelling of gaiter – a g-y waiter. they’re pretty common, might as well give them a name.
“h-llooo, i’m sebastian and i’ll be your g-yter this evening.”
a noun, it is the act of being a hater of the g-y population
dude, you’re being a total g-y-ter right now, and it’s not cool!
a g-y hater, usuaully hates straight people for no reason, or tries to c-ckblock for his f-g hag
i was about to get with this chick until this g-yter interfered and i got blue balled
some one who hates on g-ys; one who doesnt like people who act g-y and or things that are to g-y
we were supposed to go to a g-y dance club and then some one said no way i dont want to go because it is g-y and i say stop being a g-yter and just have fun ,why hate because it is g-y
a g-y man who hates on all other g-y men just because he can.
“ooohhh he looks horrible in those jeans! he needs to give them to me.” “omg you’re such a g-yter!!!”
a person who hates on g-y people.
( random idea of mixing “g-y” with “hate” to create “g-yte” )
‘yo check that g-yter man, he’s being uncool’
‘jenna has been doing some mad g-yting towards louisa!
g-y hater
the west baptist church members are g-yters.

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