Getting Whipped

getting whipped in a man’s perspective means trying out different clothing for her not to verbally abuse you, telling your ideas that she possibly won’t get or she’ll get mad over, expressing s-xual positions that you heard/seen that she might not want to do.

it is possible for a woman to get whipped, but that’s called domestic abuse, psychological abuse, or anything that has abuse at the end of it.
stacy: “come on brad! you’re wearing that to the mall?!”

brad: (has on a muticolored shirt) yes, and i’m not changing…

stacy: go change or else…(angered deep tone)

brad: but i like my ty-dye shirt.

(stacy berates brad to the point of him developing tears from his eyes.)

stacy: go change now!! (she points upstairs and brad with his head down goes upstairs.)

(that there, is brad getting whipped.)
getting whipped cream up your nose or any other creveice and/or p-ssgeway to your insides
beau got whipped up the nose.

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